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Equality in marriage is a fairly new idea, and I wonder if our society takes for granted something that we've only begun to experience. In the past, a wife was legally regarded as a possession. At times, marriage has been viewed as a political tool or even an economic exchange, referring to the dowry concept.  The notion of Companionship Marriage is unique in granting marriage a value all its own, where the partnership is truly between spouses rather than governments or families.  In a seemingly unrelated matter, have a blessed Memorial Day, Americans!

Different Drummer: Paul of Tarsus

Pentecost may be the most important celebration in the Christian calendar for me. It is also horribly under-regarded. Christianity recognizes Trinity: God interacting with creation in three primary and personal ways. One of those is through creation itself. Christ is another. What about the third?  When Christians talk about "God changing hearts and lives" they are referring to the Holy Spirit.  I've heard some people resist the notion that such a manifestation of deity could be called a person, but this is precisely how a relationship with God actually becomes personal.

Different Drummer: The Holy Spirit

Here's an Inappropriate Conversation about how to have an inappropriate conversation.  Things only grow when you shine your light on them.  Fair-skinned as my family is, though, how do I let the sun shine in without getting burned?  Even more important, I need to make sure the storyteller doesn't get in the way of the stories I need to tell.

Different Drummer: Allison Downing

Few relationships are as complex as mother and child. Even from the first few days of life, a connection is evident that lasts a lifetime in the best circumstances. Family and friends have shared their grief in recent years at the death of mothers. It speaks volumes about what is missing when we feel so left behind.

Different Drummer: Corrie ten Boom

I don't put my faith in time, so in one sense there is no such thing as a decade. I also don't believe that trends start and stop exactly on a ten-year cycle. Most importantly, I don't believe we should make decisions based on "good old days" that never really existed. So, what do I believe in? Cause and effect, for one, and that understanding is completely consistent with my faith in God.

Different Drummer: Dede Allen

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