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Continuing from last week, prayer may be the best example of establishing religion. From a Christian perspective, if your prayers "in no way establish a religion" then you are not praying. So, does a "pledge of allegiance" to God establish religion?  Never mind, Jesus explicitly warns against such public declarations in the Gospel according to Saint Matthew.

Different Drummer: Matthew

With a strong Biblical foundation, I have a theory that most prayers at public events like high school football games or graduation ceremonies have more to do with the speaker than God. If you only bow your head to follow a spoken prayer led by someone on a public address system, are you really genuinely praying? I believe prayer is much more than that.

Different Drummer: Andy Partridge

If we are serious about free market capitalism, then we shouldn't be name-calling or establishing barriers to the free exchange of opinions and beliefs. This notion is consistent with America's founding fathers. It is consistent with the writings of the apostles who spread the word of Jesus without any help from a ruling majority in government. Are we "restoring America" to those perspectives? If you are watching rallies on TV and reading the news, you don't really know what "restoring honor" precisely involves. I wonder why.

Different Drummer: Thomas Jefferson

Where were you on September 11, 2001, when planes hit the towers in New York City?  I was facing questions about whether God is in control of all things, and how to reconcile that with acts that scream to be called "un-Godly."  My answer involves as much metaphysics as theology. In each case, possible world theory has much to do with how I understand both Providence and prayer.

Different Drummer: Richard Linklater

"Most Likely To" was both an employer reference, recommending someone I'd once supervised for admission to a university, and a short story with wild anecdotes from college days. Completely inappropriate, but hopefully a bit of fun. Happy Labor Day!

Different Drummer: Larry Winget

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