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Plenty of evidence suggests that those who argue the loudest about homosexuality are not able to explain what it is.  Perhaps it is human nature to lash out in fear against things we don't understand, but that is certainly not a proper Christian response.  Bullying and marginalizing people is not what Jesus would do.  Knowing how that fact conflicts with the actions of many Christians does not make me happy.

Different Drummer: Ethan and Joel Coen

It's interesting to see how pro-choice friends react when I define abortion as the killing of an unborn child.  It is also interesting to observe the reaction of pro-life friends when I suggest that such a killing isn't necessarily or always "unjust."  Obviously, we have to clear up a few things before we can even define the word abortion, much less deal with the issue.

Different Drummer: Judith Jarvis Thomson

Arguments against the Electoral College assign too much importance to the "popular vote" and too little importance to the "state" part of the United States of America. In a landslide led by the most populous parts of the country, as few as a dozen states could sway an election within the Electoral College. How few states would it be in a system based solely on popular vote? Before you answer, remember how important it is to avoid any voter being disenfranchised.

Different Drummer: George C. Scott

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