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Friendship is not limited or dictated by gender.  Factors far more important than sexual organs should determine whether two people consider themselves to be in a platonic partnership.  Decades of experiences have shown me that keeping inter-sexual friendships sacred provides a much deeper connection than any of the "with benefits" or "more than a friend" concepts that we frankly ought to reject.

Different Drummer: Carl G. Jung

With the exception of a summer trip and some time around the holidays between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, I have maintained a weekly schedule for Inappropriate Conversations.  Starting off, it was essential for me to set a pattern and establish some disciplines.  Although the format for this show is quite simple, I still needed to grow into it.

Now, in 2011, my release pattern is going to be slightly more irregular.  What does that mean?  There will be more planned weeks off this year, but they will not follow a pattern.  Sometimes only 2-3 shows will come between off weeks.  Other times, it will be more like 5-6 shows.

Reasons may be obvious for relaxing the pace of programs.  I didn't want to drop to every other week, though.  I have more to say than that schedule would allow, for one thing.  For another, I take inspiration in certain points on the calendar.  As an example, I might want to do something out of character for April Fool's Day this year, and that might not work so well if I was dealing with rigidly set "off weeks."

So, the Inappropriate Conversations will keep coming out.  I know that some people find the content a bit unpredictable.  This year, the release schedule will merit that same description.

Thanks for listening!

Perhaps we have too much of a black-and-white perspective on what Martin Luther King, Jr. was saying when he urged us to elevate "content of character" above "color of skin" in his 1963 speech.  No doubt, he was talking about racial injustice, but our insensitivity is much broader than that.  It isn't any better to judge people based on other select things we disagree with or disapprove of -- like sexual behavior or political affiliation.  We must look deeper than that to find the content of someone's character.

Different Drummer: Sidney Poitier

Films made for television between 1967-1976: Run a Crooked Mile, The Longest Hundred Miles, Shadow Over Elveron, Probe (Search), The Stranger, City Beneath the Sea, Vanished, Hunter, Duel, Brian's Song, A Cold Night's Death (Chill Factor), Trilogy of Terror, A Short Walk to Daylight, Go Ask Alice, The Man Without a Country, Death Race, Trapped, The Morning After.

Different Drummer: Dan Carlin

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