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I try not to be hypocritical about hypocrisy.  My feelings are too intense, though, to let some stuff go.  The more responsibility you have, whether an elected government official or a lead cashier in a retail store, the more important it is to manage intensity properly while avoiding short-sighted double standards.  For Christians, it has a lot to do with focusing on relationships and understanding what Jesus means by "neighbor."

Different Drummer: John Wesley

Monogamy is not just a good idea in the sense we often hear about democracy or capitalism, with it being the "best system among many flawed choices."  From a purely sexual perspective, a deeply committed relationship is the best way to explore all that human sexuality has to offer.  The opposite approach is to merely skim the surface, and changing the topography might seem like a reasonable way to overcome familiarity.  It's much better, though, to truly dive in.

Different Drummer: Don Ellis

Almost everything wrong with masculinity today can be described by the fear of being "found out."  Sexual aggression is often a front for homophobia. Bullying is often an attempt to use a seeming boldness and bluntness to cover for the fear of weakness.  This blunt-force macho nonsense does not reveal men at their best; it reveals our very worst.

Different Drummer: John Eldredge

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