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Did you hear the one about "V8® Nate"?  No doubt, it's offensive.  Have a happy April Fool's Day!

Different Drummer: John S. Hall

A common stereotype is that athletes and coaches are reactionary "dumb jocks" who only stir up trouble in a school environment.  I have personally experienced the exact opposite, which is not to say that either stereotype is true.  I openly wonder how racism functions within those assumptions and what it says about us if we don't even notice.

Different Drummer: Jim Valvano

Over the past hundred years, film is by far the most significant form of art.  As a new medium, this probably goes without saying.  It is also true when considering artistic achievement within the realm of commerce or entertainment.  Movies re-established a balance that hasn't been true in music since what we call "classical" today was actually "pop" for its time.  Like music, films of all kinds have created a language of cinema that we rely upon more than we really know.

Different Drummer: Stanley Kauffmann

49: R.S.V.P.


When I first heard The Electrics' song "Party Goin' On Upstairs" on a bargain bin CD, the expression "RSVP" kept running through my head.  Some Christians, and some non-Christians, imply that Jesus places a large blockade in front of heaven's gate.  For them, the concept of a narrow way means that the path is hidden and the savior's calling is cryptic.  Actually, Jesus is quite clear about the obvious response he expects to his invitation.

Different Drummer: The Electrics

In order to understand everything we experience as humans, I believe there are four distinct types of knowledge.  Two are obvious, and perhaps the other two are controversial.  The fact is that one of the most common questions of all -- "do I exist?" -- is among the most difficult to prove.  This is particularly true if you only give yourself half a chance.

Different Drummer: Joan Girardi

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