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"Gospel" means "good news."  Easter is all about hope and new life.  Why, then, would any church devote this particular Sunday to a message about hopelessness and despair?  The worst Easter Sunday sermon I've ever heard did precisely that.  I think the reason has a lot to do with many Christians having no clue that Jesus came to save the world rather than condemn it.  If you have read John 3:16 (and didn't stop there), you should know this.  It is written.

Different Drummer: Johnny Cash

When the Psalmist speaks of the Lord's name being declared throughout creation, that includes popular culture and secular music.  I reject the idea that some sort of "culture war" makes any sense.  As a Christian, I believe that all of creation declares God's glory -- all of it.  If we listen, we will hear.

Different Drummer: Ed Ames

Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

    1. Secular visions of divinity: the rocks and stones themselves will start to sing
    2. John 3:17: Jesus made an exclusive claim without excluding anyone
    3. False dichotomy: only a bad story has only two sides, like our political system

      A friend laid down a challenge earlier this year: name ten songs you'd like to be remembered by.  What would these songs say about you, if they could be summed up and inscribed on your gravestone?  I took that challenge.

      1) The Indigo Girls - Let It Be Me

      "If the world is night, shine my life like a light."  (Saliers)

      2) Jars Of Clay - Faith Enough

      "It's just enough to be strong in the broken places."  (Haseltine, Lowell, Mason, Odmark)

      3) Joni Mitchell - A Case Of You

      "I remember the time that you told me, you said, 'Love is touching souls.'  Well, surely you touched mine, because part of you pours out of me in these lines from time to time."  (Mitchell)

      4) The Smiths - Half A Person

      "If you have five seconds to spare, then I'll tell you the story of my life."  (Marr, Morrissey)

      5) Indigo Girls - Prince Of Darkness

      "By grace, my sight grows stronger, and I will not be a pawn for the prince of darkness any longer."  (Saliers)

      6) Holly Cole - Make It Go Away

      "Isn't that what love is supposed to do? Make it go away, or make it better. I would do either one for you."  (Davis, Harding)

      7) Maria McKee - I Can't Make It Alone

      "There is something in my soul that will always lead me back to you."  (Goffin, King)

      8) Chris Rice - Go Light Your World

      "Praying to the Father in the name of Jesus, make us a beacon in darkest times."  (Rice)

      9) The Electrics - Party Goin' On Upstairs

      "There were people there relieved of all their cares. You see, everyone was welcome; you just had to say you'd come to the party going on upstairs."  (Horner)

      10) The Ink Spots - This Is Worth Fighting For

      "I gathered my loved ones around me, and I gazed at each face I adore. Then I heard that voice within me thunder: This is worth fighting for!"  (Delange, Stept)

      Are there moments of musical inspiration that you love enough to leave behind, as a final thought after you've gone?

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