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There is an old adage that says you'll be happy and successful if you "do what you love" for a living.  Don't believe what you hear.  That saying is only almost right.  "Love what you do for a living" is better advice, and the difference is not mere subtlety.  We should hold the things we truly love as intimate and not fully invest them in the pursuit of trade or commerce.  On the other hand, the things we do professionally must have some underlying passion if we are going to be successful.

Different Drummer: Ira A. Robbins

Even the deepest, most meaningful relationships can suffer if we forget how they started.  This is true in the Bible, where the Hebrew people seemed forget about everything in the book of Exodus before they even stepped into the land of Canaan.  It's also true in our human relationships, where sacred ground needs to be respected and protected.  I remember what I was doing 30 years ago this week ... and I pray that I never forget.

Different Drummer: Tracy Pollan

The word "perversion" carries a more negative connotation than the word "diversion" despite the similarities in the concepts.  In both cases, something is turning away from an original or predicted course.  I would recommend caution rather than condemnation, though, when we either cannot explain the cause of the deviation or there is very little we can do about it in hindsight.

Different Drummer: David Allan Coe

Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

  1. Perversion as a concept: diverting or "turning" something off course
  2. Relationship anniversaries: "Where 16 = Forever"
  3. Word Prostitution: should you really do what you love for a living?

Most debate you hear today is about winning/losing and not about resolving questions and finding answers that will move society forward.  All of us lose when arguments are presented in this manner.  Instead, we need to listen better, speak more clearly and often at greater length, and live up to higher standards.  Guidelines include: granting opponents as much ground as possible, holding ourselves and others to the integrity of stated positions, and striving to find "the rest of the argument."

Different Drummer: Dwight MacDonald

Dan Carlin's Common Sense 194: State Of The Union (particularly 33:00 - 55:35)

Inappropriate Conversations
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