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While recording on National Adoption Day this year, I referred back to a question I've raised in the past: whether a woman who carries an unwanted pregnancy to term and gives the child for adoption is performing a saintly act?  "Heroic" is, perhaps, a better term.

Different Drummer: Thomas of Aquino

National Adoption Day

"It is time to put the protest back into Protestantism" (Diana Butler Bass).

I don't have an advocacy position on the "Occupy" movements, but I believe there are plenty of things happening in our society and economy that are worth protesting.  It's wrong to describe those who are loudly calling for reform "un-" ... if anything, they are taking typically Christian steps and a genuinely American approach.  See the Protestant Reformation or the American Revolution for parallels.

Different Drummer: James Stewart

4 Reasons video

A Great Awakening

Inappropriate Conversations
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