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Maybe the reason I believe the Holy Spirit has guided me, perhaps even forcefully, is that I don't have a better explanation for specific experiences that defy any other reasoning.  Or maybe it's simply because it is true.  Either way, for more than three decades now I have earned the title: most likely to be found on a mountaintop in Guadalajara writing the world's most profound three-word sentence.  So to speak.

Different Drummer: Aaron Altman

Bullying in Rhode Island

There is no great credit to remaining "above" the myopia of liberal v. conservative politics, if you aren't willing to stand.  Too often, a so-called moderate position is simply a way of avoiding issues and not engaging.  The "radical" side is pushing for change, whether it be a moderating influence on those firmly entrenched in right- or left-wing politics, or trying to lead the rest to think more critically about what each side has to say.  Martin Luther King, Jr. gave us one of the best challenges to status-quo centrism in his 1963 letter from jail in Birmingham, Alabama.  Failing to heed these words will continue to bear strange and unwanted fruit in our society.

Different Drummer: Billie Holiday

I won't add many words as an introduction because this article written by Fred Clark speaks quite well for itself.  I cannot recall a more measured, detailed, or accurate analysis of, depending on how you look at it, "The Christian Problem" or "The Homosexual Problem."

Evangelical Christianity of the politically-active persuasion has much to answer for, and most Christians know it.

Slacktivist: Test Everything and Hold Fast to What Is Good"<

"The religious right portrays itself as a religious movement seeking to reshape politics, but in fact it is a political movement seeking to reshape religion. Its agenda — at which it has been distressingly successful — has always been to turn a church into a voting bloc"  (Fred Clark).

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