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Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

  1. Why I love to worship, whether I'm in church or not
  2. The "heart of the matter" and your shimmering-self
  3. Used record/book stores and a healthy aquarium

People choosing to take ownership of their reproduction and sexuality is not a problem society needs to solve.  From the political rhetoric leading up to the 2012 presidential election in the United States, you might think "birth control" is the only topic Americans are debating.  While addressing the issue without the use of profanity, I am speaking frankly and aggressively.  Even the scripture I cite includes two killings (fatal smiting is the appropriate description) and sexual misconduct.  Also, sound quality was a challenge in places.

Different Drummer: Laurie Anderson

Reformed Whores performing "I'm A Slut!"

I have spoken about World Storytelling Day before, years ago.  This year will be very different, though.  With the theme of "Trees" I'm releasing this podcast virtually unedited.  I've added the theme and Different Drummer music, and that's pretty much it.  If you'll pardon the slight pun, the recording of this story will have to stand on its own.

Different Drummer: Imani Coppola

Imani Coppola performing "I'm A Tree"

Many people are beginning to believe that Christianity and the electoral process are incompatible because the obvious examples from the religious right fall into fundamentalism and fail to be true to either religion or politics.  For guidelines as simple and Biblical as "love your enemies" and "the kingdom of God is not of this earth," you would think that the politicians who most aggressively identify themselves as Christians must have sold their souls for votes.  Worse, I wonder how much of the dubious Christianity we hear being preached from the political pulpit will actually drive voters away from both the polls and the church.

Different Drummer: Gautama

Inappropriate Conversations
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