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As a storyteller, I did something I prefer to avoid in Inappropriate Conversations #79 by not finishing a story.  That was partly about running short of time.  Mainly, though, it was because the story took an abrupt turn as I realized something that stopped me in my tracks.  I've heard this called "epiphany" in literary criticism, where the short stories of James Joyce provide excellent examples.  It also happens in real life.  I'm often amazed at how even a small and simple piece of information can change not only perspectives but the very direction of our life-stories.

Different Drummer: Paul McCrane

Everything a child learns comes from information that is beyond their understanding.  It's true for their first words, even from what we call "baby talk."  It's certainly true for concepts related to diplomacy, economics, and music theory.  I never talked down to my kids.  Maybe that was good, effective parenting, and maybe it presented problems for everyone else in the family.  Hard to say.  It did raise questions, though, and anything that leads children to ask clarifying questions is probably great for their intellectual development.

Different Drummer: Holly Cole

I was not a man when I first encountered "men's magazines" and I obtained beer and alcohol long before the legal drinking age, now or then.  Were these mistakes, or just typical parts of growing up?  The answers have a lot to do with age and perspective.  As a parent, I have worked to provide a different experience for my children.  On the other hand, it's possible that a childhood without any "mistakes" is the biggest mistake of all.

Different Drummer: The Residents

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