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Questions in upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

  1. Who should be held accountable for the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945?
  2. Can a group or a nation "be ashamed" collectively?
  3. Does the perfect vacation always start with a plan?

The terms "orgasm" and "ejaculation" are not synonyms.  They mean something distinct, and the differences are important.  The fact that many men believe they are one and the same reveals something, perhaps unsurprising, about masculinity and foreplay.  It probably reveals something about auto-eroticism as well.

Different Drummer: John Coltrane

Sex Nerd Sandra #41: Orgasms For Everybody

Giving to charitable organizations is a good idea. It makes a difference. It helps. We must not confuse these types of contributions with missionary work, though. Being "in mission" is about intervening, and getting involved is not merely a financial offering.

Different Drummer: Shane Claiborne

Claiborne_TheSimpleWay.jpg Shane Claiborne and The Simple Way

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