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Idolatry can be described as making something other than God sacred, or treating things as objects of worship. It can be that direct, in the sense of idols, but it also can be as abstract as the notion of the "image" of ourselves that we show the world. Too often, these things interfere with our spirituality, even when they are deeply embedded within our rituals or temples.

Different Drummer: Victoria Williams

It is almost a cliché to speak about strained communications between mothers and daughters or fathers and sons, but that doesn't make it any less true. The moments where my family has overcome those obstacles have had much to do with humor. Less successful situations tend to be hampered by either parent or child remaining silent, unable to find the right words. Long ago, a classic Swedish film taught me that sometimes talk, any talk, speaks volumes in these relationships whether the words are trite or profound.

Different Drummer: Harriet Andersson

Andersson in "Through A Glass Darkly"

Conclusion of "Through A Glass Darkly"

Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

  1. Communication lines between fathers and sons
  2. Distorting the importance of lawns and other exteriors
  3. An old answer to the question: where would I be without God?

Inappropriate Conversations
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