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A great deal of what I want from fiction connects with The Sound And The Fury by William Faulkner, particularly the Quentin chapter ("June 2, 1910"). Despite the depressing narrative, I find hope in the connections between characters, including both flawed characters and flawed connections. There are moments in life that we always revisit, whether intentionally or not. I've had friends I haven't seen in years and may never see again, but on occasion it feels like I'm encountering them again through a new acquaintance. "Another Sean" is the expression I've used here, and I wonder if I've mentioned Sean before on the show. I doubt it. Such is the power of a chance encounter aligning itself with the subconscious.

To answer Quentin's question: I have had many sisters, more than I could name if put on the spot, and just a couple of them share the same parents as me.

Different Drummer: William Faulkner

I recall hearing in a Sociology course about a form of existentialism so dark that some people never accept they were alive until the moment of death itself. For most of us, even the slightest touch confirms what I'll jokingly call "our suspicion" that we actually exist. A handshake, pat on the back, or a hug can provide powerful validation. It's a mistake to take such an obvious thing for granted.

Different Drummer: Leo Buscaglia

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