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Whether a sermon is fundamentally the sharing of Word and Witness?

In addition to starting Walk The Earth, a podcast I'll be releasing here along with Inappropriate Conversations, I've actually been pretty busy lately. Consider this a "what I did on my summer vacation" post.

First, welcome if you have found this page for the first time through Christians Tired Of Being Misrepresented. I have referred to that website often, especially through Facebook and Twitter. In fact, they first re-posted my article on "Christianity 201: Time For Solid Food" a few years ago. I have named Janet, their founder, a Different Drummer and could have done so long ago. I finally reached the appropriate topic.

I have appeared on three Geek Fights this summer as that show prepares to pod-fade. Earlier, I joined them for "Christopher Walken v. Christopher Walken" (159) and "Best Friends Episode" (162). More recently, I joined the Geek Fight for "Herzog v. Kinski" (169). I will be sad to see this show end. Among other things, it's a link between me and a friend I've met online, also named Janet.

Out of the blue, a long-time podcasting friend sent me a Facebook message to appear -- immediately if possible -- on one of his many online broadcasting ventures. I met Art Eddy through Masters Of None. The show we recorded together with Ryan Hamilton was The Life Of Dad After Show (episode 6).

Finally, the Tech Support Rich show released today is an interview with Richard Smith of Simply Syndicated. For any Inappropriate Conversations listeners who don't also listen to Simply Syndicated -- well, for one thing, why not?! -- you have heard Rich's voice before on #IC 100. I named him a Different Drummer on that episode a year ago.

The TSR interview is not free, but you can download just the interview for less than a pound or under $2. By far the better idea would be to subscribe to all of the shows available streaming and otherwise via Simply Everything. Most of the content is less serious than Inappropriate Conversations, which is probably a good thing. Hosts of most shows give themselves permission to speak freely, so explicit language abounds. For me, the quality of the content runs much deeper than just the frankness of its presentation. And this interview, as I recall from a week ago, doesn't need any warning stickers.

And that's what I did on my summer vacation!

On or near September 21st, I will record a show with responses to all of the feedback I have received lately and from more than a year ago in some instances. You have provided enough comments (and questions) to sustain an episode, but there is room for more.

Methods of contact include comments to any post here at the Inappropriate Conversations site, via Twitter @ic_greg, or by e-mail:

On Facebook, both Inappropriate Conversations and Walk The Earth have pages as well.

Pride 48 is the weekend of September 6th this year in Las Vegas. I would love to be there, but I can't. Even as recently as a year ago, I'd never considered attending an GLBT pride event before. Why would I, I could have said, not being gay? That, and questioning if there are better ways to defend people from discrimination than going to a meet-up. On the other hand, the absolute best way to tell someone "I am proud to know you, just as you are, and to continue our interactions because I anticipate my esteem of the person you will become" is in person. Face to face. I am proud to know you.

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