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Whether there is any one correct style of a ritual, including communion and baptism?

From "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" to "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" Rankin/Bass Productions seemingly could do no wrong. Output from there was far less consistent, including Nestor -- "Nestor, The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey" from 1977.

Different Drummer: Fred Astaire

Once misinformation becomes "tradition" it is extremely difficult to correct. This is true of a pope 1,500 years ago who willfully merged the identity of several women into one misleading "Mary" to deliver a sermon series on sinful women. More broadly, it is true of those who ignore the way Jesus interacted with women during his earthly ministry. Walk The Earth podcast (6) looked at how these mistaken views of gender impact the local church. This Inappropriate Conversation looks at the impact to the church-universal and the great distance between the example of Christ and what we too often see today from clergy.

Different Drummer: Mary of Magdala

My feelings haven't changed from a year ago, so I won't repeat much here. A 16-team playoff is easy to achieve, including every champion from FBS conferences and 6 at-large teams based on BCS calculations.

Here are the college football games we should be watching this December and January. It is madness (the wrong kind) that we aren't getting what fans have always wanted, and what fans enjoy every March.

Whether gender plays a role in the experience of worship?

Since holidays and other things have kept me away from the microphone for awhile, here is something to consider in the meantime. Sandra Daugherty has a "sex positive" educational program on The Nerdist network. This week she discussed Christianity and sexuality with the Rev. Beverly Dale. It is provocative and insightful, and it's an inappropriate conversation in the best ways.

Sex Nerd Sandra: Sex & Jesus

Next on Inappropriate Conversations: I'm adding a tie-in between Walk The Earth and Inappropriate Conversations on gender and the church. Both shows will look at the same topic.

Inappropriate Conversations
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