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The birth of a pseudonym tends to be all about necessity, but the death of a pen name is rarely chronicled. I've been speaking, here and there, about The Author since the second Inappropriate Conversations podcast. Here is the rest of that story, in a surrealistic way.

Different Drummer: M. C. Escher

Whether membership must focus on a single church, as if fidelity is more to a congregation than to Christ?

Imagine that everything you ever have done and everything you ever will do has either already happened in a single flash of "time" or is happening now. Everything. We are only aware of an echo, a flow from that moment of reality, and it appears to proceed horizontally to us. What if the bigger picture functions vertically, though, and instantaneously? Our perspective on several theological concepts would be very different, and so would our relationships.

Different Drummer: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Inappropriate Conversations
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