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156: Boxing Day


It's both accurate and inaccurate to describe Boxing Day as a time to remember people who are in working class positions or struggling economically. When I was told that December 26th was the day set aside for sharing old and no-longer-wanted toys with others, that actually drifts a bit from the true Commonwealth history of the holiday. All the same, it is a nice and fitting idea.

Different Drummer: Elvis Costello

Songs recorded by Elvis Costello

Most Americans probably perceive the "12 days of Christmas" to be intense retail shopping days before Christmas. The expression actually refers to the true period of Christmas celebration starting on the selected date of December 25th and counting from there. It makes me wonder why many people are so focused on pulling down decorations and silencing all holiday hymns right in the middle of those 12 days. I understand the argument that we start too soon. I would also understand an argument that we end too soon, too.

Different Drummer: Jean Shepherd

Whether serving at a food bank or soup kitchen is more worshipful than what we call church?

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