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America's commitment to vaccination has been so great that nearly 2 million children committed to test a vaccine in the 1950s, so why would anyone walk away from the protection this has provided over any modern understanding of "safety" and risk?
Most Americans look back at the Jim Crow era with a great deal of embarrassment, justifiably, so why would anyone want to establish a set of "Jesus Crow" laws that surely will be just as embarrassing in the future -- to Christians in particular?
When World Vision completely reversed a proposed policy change just a few days after threats from influential conservative Christians immediately put thousands of children at risk, why didn't those same Christians victoriously, and perhaps even smugly, return to reinstate their support for the organization?
Sadly, these questions have no intelligent answers. They merely reflect the pungent state of anti-intellectualism in the United States of America today.

Different Drummer: Jonas Salk

Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

  1. The role of vaccinations in "first, doing no harm"
  2. Encountering celebrities and rejecting the autograph
  3. Celebrating the box set with Longines Symphonette
  4. Memorial music, or songs to honor a memory

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

    *  Whether Easter Sunday is the most important day in the Christian church calendar?
    *  Whether the Holy Spirit deserves more recognition as God working in our lives?

Life tends to end either suddenly (too short) are through debilitation. There are exceptions, of course. Some deaths may not even qualify as tragic. It seems that debilitating illness has become more common as people live longer. The reminder this provides, though, is how crucial it is to not wait until a metaphorical tomorrow to say what needs to be said, create what our hearts long to create, stand up and be counted. Allowing our ability to fade before our desire truly is tragic.

Different Drummer: Linda Ronstadt

NPR Fresh Air: Linda Ronstadt with Terry Gross

Whether drinking alcohol should be permitted as Christians celebrate, interact?

Determining the difference between Academy Award nominations for acting in a leading role versus a supporting role isn't always easy. It doesn't seem like a precise distinction can be made. Even within the range of supporting performances, there is a significant difference between the cameo and the roles typically occupied by character actors. At their best, though, even small contributions can make a huge impact on the story or other characters. This year, in fact, the Oscar that interested me most was Best Supporting Actress. I was not disappointed.

Different Drummer: Michel Piccoli

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