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"Too often, political and/or religious ideologies stop open dialog. It’s time to speak freely and break down the barriers that keep people separated. Let's have an inappropriate conversation about …"

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Whether a happily married Christian should attend a Pride event with gay friends and allies?

Time as a concept is, once again, the stumbling block for many people -- including Christians -- on the relationship between sinfulness and the nature of evil and pain. An inadequate understanding of words like logos, chronos, and kairos doesn't help. The unwillingness of outspoken Christians to read the book of nature as reverently as the book of scripture is, perhaps, the biggest problem of all.

Different Drummer: Sandy Owen

"The Sparkle" from Montage by Sandy Owen: Ensemble

When Walk The Earth #30 broadcasts live at Pride 48 in Las Vegas at 5 EDT on Friday, 8/28, it will be the 200th podcast from the combination of Walk The Earth and Inappropriate Conversations.

200? Exactly 200!


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

  1. Questions relating "age" and God do not make any sense, so it is right to accept a very old earth
  2. Perhaps a look at the history of Walk The Earth, anticipating new listeners from Pride 48

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

    *  Whether a happily married Christian should attend a Pride event with gay friends and allies?
    *  Whether you can ever go back to this moment in history?

Perhaps on some level American politics has always had its share of game strategy. Maybe it's a myth that our so-called "founding fathers" set aside their own interests to form a new nation, and maybe all the key elements of the U.S. Constitution really just came from one influential leader trying to trick or embarrass a political enemy and that's the only way we actually have a freedom to assemble, for example. Seems unlikely, Even if such claims were true, we still have a major issue today with the poor quality of game being played.

Different Drummer: Dwight Eisenhower

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