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My Sunday School teacher when I was in high school worked for the local newspaper where he was, among other things, the music critic. A good guy, he wasn't the type to denounce rock 'n' roll as "the devil's music" or anything like that. On the other hand, he did tell me that I would one day grow out of my interest in early Black Sabbath and no longer have any use for their albums. Well, I have since bought the original eight "Ozzy years" albums on CD, so that prediction completely missed the mark. No, I still love many aspects of early Black Sabbath and never hesitate to share that love. I have some friends who have made the most of the phrase, "mix tapes mean 'I love you.'" That came to mind when I stitched together this last (for this year anyway) Halloween tribute on Inappropriate Conversations.

Different Drummer: Rory Guy

"Tricks" refers to more spooky, scary, traditional elements of Halloween in music, movies, and performance art. Less from childhood and more from college on, this reminds me of candles, incense, and very strange sounds coming from either my television or stereo.

Different Drummer: Molly Harvey

The Weatherman

Life Would Be Wonderful 2

"Treats" stands for a juvenile, as in young or childish, look at Halloween. This sound collage taps into several moments of observing the "trick or treat" time of year as a kid.

Different Drummer: Rod Serling

I don't want to talk about gun control. It's a topic I have generally avoided, partly because the conversation usually misses the point. It isn't about controlling ownership -- the confiscation hysteria -- and it should be all about maintaining a "control" over our standards for usage. Only the fully qualified (law enforcement, hunters, National Guard) and properly trained (a standard that will eliminate even some of the legally qualified) should be using weapons in public. My subconscious called this obvious requirement to my mind this week, while I was trying not to dream about the latest in a long series of deadly school shootings.

Different Drummer: William Hamby

What If Gun Laws Were Like Abortion Laws?

Redrawing the Responsibility Line: A "Radically Moderate" Take on Gun Control

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