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Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

  1. False assumptions and false foundations that undermine some family members' political vision
  2. A look back at apocalyptic predictions from the moment of Obama's election in 2008 and since 

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

    *  Whether both sons are "lost" in the parable of The Prodigal Son, and beginning to look at whether Evangelical Christians actually care what Jesus would have them do regarding the hot-button issues of our time

I've been warning people about the dangers of hypocrisy for more than three decades now, doing so as if I might face some harsh judgment if I don't. I'm still sounding the alarm today, sometimes with opinion and other times with quotation. 

Different Drummer: Ezekiel of Jerusalem

In 2016, a majority of Americans in the U.S. Senate, who took a vow to uphold the United States Constitution, have directly violated that Constitution and jeopardized protections guaranteed in the Bill Of Rights in the process. Worse, a large number of American citizens don't seem to care, either about our founding principles or about the balance of power and our system of checks and balances. This is the biggest Constitutional crisis in my lifetime, perhaps going all the way back to the U.S. Civil War.

Different Drummer: Buzz Kulik 

Inappropriate Conversations
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