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One of the handouts at Pride48 this year (#p48EXPO #p48NOLA #p48LIVE) was the history of Inappropriate Conversations from the perspective of Different Drummers. This weekend, I intend to share a blog version of that handout grouped in 8 ways for Different Drummers by role/relation and then name, including episode numbers and approximate release date. 

Going alphabetically, to some degree, I'm starting with actors including fictional characters and a category that seems more accurately described as "performance" than anything else.


Spoiler alert regarding Avengers and Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the Life In Hell strips Matt Groening wrote years ago featured his criticism of film critics. One-liners included newspaper critics writing tight capsule reviews and more serious magazine critics wearing sweaters and giving away endings. I don't often wear sweaters, but I do struggle with how to openly discuss subtext without spoilers. For the movie The Sixth Sense, I ended up writing two reviews, one for before you've seen the film and one for after. That seemed to work. At the #p48EXPO #p48NOLA #p48LIVE event this year, I didn't have the time to offer such a dual perspective. If you are behind (as I was until this summer) on Infinity War and Endgame, you've been warned.

The primary focus of this episode was looking more deeply at what draws us into the popular art we consume. With movies, for example, the impetus seems to be different for comedy, horror, documentary, etc. What occurred to me about the draw of characters, regardless the actor or director, seemed most significant within the superhero genre. The tie-in with the Different Drummer seemed obvious.

As a live show, the format of this one is appropriately different. We dive right in, for one thing, with introduction and theme music coming along the way. For another, I've bookended this file with interstitials from the podcasting suite. Since it takes a few minutes to move one podcast off-stage and another one on, these interstitials tend to focus the audience toward something other than headphones being plugged in and drinks-of-choice being poured. The opener is the intro to Inappropriate Conversations this year, and the closer is one from the next day when I was invited to participate. There is more after the #IC live outro music. 

Thanks to Taylor and Taffy from Pod Is My Copilot. Bookends, indeed.

Different Drummer: Stan Lee

"Life's an essay test; we're obliged to give essay answers." (The Author)


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

  1. Why We Watch, from Pride 48 NOLA, hopefully posting later today
  2. Visuals looking at the history of Different Drummers, categorized -- a digital handout of sorts
  3. Proud To Know You 4, a recap of the New Orleans experience this year
  4. Mirror Universe Different Drummers: what if I chose to "go low" instead of focusing on unconditional positive regard?


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