Even from an Advent Calendar perspective, I prefer music to chocolate. This includes Christmas music, both reverent and irreverent, along with songs that would be more accurately described as "winter holiday" than Christmas music.

Different Drummer: George Frideric Handel

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Happy Thanksgiving week! As an Advent Booklet of sorts, the content for this episode really applies to next Sunday. Advent begins on November 30th this year. You can listen all at once or take the content one week at a time between now and Christmas.

Different Drummer: John Fahey

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Whether the church has a vital role to play in national elections?

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The best thing about suspense films, whether thrillers or horror, is the build up not the payoff. Getting the the edge of your seat doesn't happen at the moment of shock or surprise, it happens on the way there. Les Diaboliques is one of my favorite examples. It's a movie that might be described as the one that got away from Hitchcock.

Different Drummer: Alfred Hitchcock

Spoiler scene from the 1954-55 Clouzot film

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Time to respond to feedback, formally, for the fourth time. The P's and Q's are your points and questions. Thanks!

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Whether travel, health, rain and other hopes should be the primary focus of prayer?

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On or near October 10th, I will record a show with responses to all of the feedback I have received since the last feedback show a year ago. You have provided enough comments and questions to sustain an episode, but there is room for more.

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