I don't want to talk about gun control. It's a topic I have generally avoided, partly because the conversation usually misses the point. It isn't about controlling ownership -- the confiscation hysteria -- and it should be all about maintaining a "control" over our standards for usage. Only the fully qualified (law enforcement, hunters, National Guard) and properly trained (a standard that will eliminate even some of the legally qualified) should be using weapons in public. My subconscious called this obvious requirement to my mind this week, while I was trying not to dream about the latest in a long series of deadly school shootings.

Different Drummer: William Hamby

What If Gun Laws Were Like Abortion Laws?

Redrawing the Responsibility Line: A "Radically Moderate" Take on Gun Control

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Whether pagan influences or appropriation is an issue in secular or even religious holidays?

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Two years ago, I made a head decision -- an intellectual choice -- to attend a Pride48 event as soon as schedules could be coordinated. The time lag says a lot about my vacation schedule and nothing about my resolve. This year, I can say as a heart decision -- a more spiritual confidence -- that it was one of the better plans I've made. Anyone who has followed previous vacation episodes knows that my wife and I make excellent travel plans, too. So, while I normally don't do recap shows, it just makes sense to talk about "what I did on my summer vacation" as a follow-up to the original Proud To Know You episode on Inappropriate Conversations (#128).

Different Drummer: Kathy Baldock

Canyon Walker Connections story on evol =


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Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

  1. What I did on my summer vacation; really, it's a recap show!
  2. Tricks and treats, all October long

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

    *  Whether pagan influences or appropriation is an issue in secular or even religious holidays?

The Walk The Earth podcast hit a milestone of sorts in recent weeks with an episode recorded before a live audience. Seems like a good time for Inappropriate Conversations to look back at the still-building history of Walk The Earth, including the mission of the show and the questions I have attempted to answer.

Different Drummer: Francis of Assisi

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Whether you can ever go back to this moment in history?

(Live from Pride 48, Las Vegas, Nevada, August 28, 2015)

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"Too often, political and/or religious ideologies stop open dialog. It’s time to speak freely and break down the barriers that keep people separated. Let's have an inappropriate conversation about …"

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