Inappropriate Conversations and Walk The Earth podcasts are now available on Spotify. It's a transition that will include reintroducing some of the oldest episodes of each, over time, in a process I've called TalkBacks. 

Different Drummer: Johann Sebastian Bach


What if I go low instead of high? The named Different Drummers might be people like:

Mitch McConnell

Rick Wiles

Franklin Graham

Candice Keller

As opposed to the real answer this time.
Different Drummer: Michelle Obama

Sharing a short promo for the Inappropriate Conversations podcast.

For two consecutive years now, the Pride48 podcasting expo in New Orleans has been a landmark in summertime vacation plans. Each year has been a combination of seeing old friends again and meeting new ones. These are conversations I intend to continue.

Different Drummer: Bernie Taupin

"He's my brother. Let us live in peace." (Taupin)

This last group (8 of 8) of the 216 Different Drummers covers a broad range of role/relation. This completes the index, for now.
The reason for 216 references on 218 Inappropriate Conversations podcasts-to-date is the first two in March 2010 being used for introduction: the show itself, and then Different Drummer as a concept. 




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