Whether "ghosting" is an appropriate alternative to an exit interview when severing ties?

Pride48 2019 NOLA Schedule

The fear that dearest friends would not be close to us anymore is real. So is the burden.

Different Drummer: Alan Parker

Odds and ends include:
* How to interpret the role of Congress with Mueller Report.
* Whether Missouri leaders are conspiring to commit sexual assault.
* If Fred Rogers isn't my all-time favorite "Fred" ... who is?
* "Third Person" from Manifestos Of Neosurrealism.

Different Drummer: Vincent Kompany


Whether understanding the meaning of words in their time is key to seeking the mind of God?


Christianity 201: Time for Solid Food


The concept of parental control, even censorship, was clearly a part of my upbringing. I could cite numerous examples of inconsistencies, though:
Three's Company, Soap, American Graffiti, National Lampoon's Animal House, Queen, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Harold Robbins (The Betsy), Xaviera Hollander (The Happy Hooker), Hermann Hesse (Siddhartha), Alex Comfort (The Joy of Sex, More Joy of Sex), Bari Wood & Jack Geasland (Twins).

Different Drummer: Dolly Parton

George In Atlanta #52

Whether progressive emphasis on affirming churches is even sufficient?

Welcoming, Accepting, Affirming - Don't Get Stuck


Gameplan for upcoming Inappropriate Conversations

  1. Things my parents steered us from, some of them pretty random
  2. Odds & Ends show, looking back and previewing forward

Walk The Earth will address new questions, too

  • Whether progressive emphasis on affirming churches is even sufficient?

Inappropriate Conversations
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