Some Assembly Required (A NeoSurrealist Forsaking a Habit for Lent)


Chapter 4

Did You Hear the One about V-8 Nate?

Prior Restraint

Premarital Skydiving

"Characters don't always say what writers want them to say, and it's ignorant to presume otherwise."


Different Drummer: Jackie Speier

We are here now, going nowhere, for very loving reasons.


As the old saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery, a well crafted remake is the musical version. 

Years ago, I named Mark E. Smith as a Different Drummer on an episode focused on used record stores, which is how I discovered his band, The Fall, during the transition from high school to college in the American Midwest. They are still my favorite band, or as close as I'll ever get to naming a favorite. 

The amount and quality of remakes by The Fall was not evident to me early on. Their approach to music was so unique that songs rarely stood out as remakes. There are exceptions, not always from the Country & Western genre but often enough. Here is a list:


It isn't an exhaustive list, either. 

Used Record Stores and a Healthy Aquarium


As the old saying goes: the church is not a building; the church is the people. Well, I've been interacting with some of those people in new/old ways lately. The early episode of Walk The Earth was about walking away from one congregation. We had not yet found a new one yet. Now, years later, the church I've since joined is planning to start a podcast. Some of our sessions have been planning, others recording. I'll share links to Harmony Springs Gives Voice when podcasts are posted, probably on TalkBacks like this one. I've also recently joined a panel discussion on the podcast This Week In Gay with religious freedom/liberty among the topics. I'll share that the same way at the appropriate time. 

For now, I did need to define "church" if I wanted to talk about walking away from one, either permanently or on the way to something better.


Some Assembly Required (A NeoSurrealist Forsaking a Habit for Lent)


Chapter 3

"Gone, But Not Forgotten"

Timed Test

Hostile Takeover Bid

Fine Tuning


"If you cannot address the concerns of one increasingly irate customer, then those concerns ultimately may cost you the business of other customers as well."


Different Drummer: Bob Walkenhorst

The Rainmakers in Norway

When a new member of a church pledges to join a congregation, the public statement is often about supporting the church with prayers, presence, gifts, and service. At the point of deciding to leave a particular church, though, that pledge gets called into question. For some, leaving a congregation can reflect an abandonment of everything, all of that plus belief itself. For my family, though, the tension was more about whether the commitment was to a particular local church or something different, something more.

This episode, #wte 001, started the series of questions in a spinoff podcast of Inappropriate Conversations
simply called Walk The Earth.

IC-Fest, Day 3


Spotify Day 3 is only missing a couple of these tracks, one by Imani Coppola and one by Chris Rice. The problem is that "Thirsty" from the missing Rice album, Past The Edges, is probably my favorite of all the songs Spotify does not yet have. 

The final day in this hypothetical music festival features some of the longest sets at the beginning and end, a bit like bookends. Most people might not consider Todd Snider a headliner for something like this. I certainly do. Whether with a band or in a man-with-guitar format, Snider brings something live that even his live albums only barely capture. 

Todd Snider

New Connection
New York Banker
Conservative, Christian, Right Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males
You Got Away With It (A Tale of Two Fraternity Brothers)
Statistician's Blues
Beer Run
Just Like Old Times
Somebody's Coming
Once He Finds Us
A Lot More
Yesterdays and Used to Be's

Reba McEntire

Take It Back
Rumor Has It
If I Had Only Known
The Greatest Man I Never Knew

Chris Rice

It is Well with My Soul
Me and Becky
Smell the Color 9
Go Light Your World
The Final Move

Laurie Anderson

Difficult Listening Hour
Sharky's Day
Beautiful Red Dress
Mach 20
Let X=X

Imani Coppola

I'm a Tree
Voice in my Head
Contributing Member of Society
Cock Block (Little Jackie)
Lying to my Therapist
The Legend of a Cowgirl

Michael Franks

Sometimes I Just Forget to Smile
The Lady Wants to Know
Every Time She Whispers
The Art of Love
Three Today
Now I Know Why (They Call It Falling)

Dolly Parton

9 to 5
Red Shoes
I Will Always Love You

Neil Young

After the Gold Rush (with Dolly Parton)
My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)
Out on a Weekend
Old King
Southern Man
Oh Susannah
Harvest Moon
Rockin' in the Free World
Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)
One of These Days

Jarring transitions on this day, which is something I like. Ironically, I've envisioned what is probably both the most and least jarring transition with a duet. Could a Dolly Parton collaboration with Neil Young work on his "After the Gold Rush" classic? I'd say yes, in part because both Parton and Young have delivered surprisingly effective collaborations in the past. With Linda Ronstadt unavailable due to debilitation and Emmylou Harris not yet named a Different Drummer, Young and Parton together is the nearest substitute for a Trio performance

I won't take up the space required for other Different Drummers who could have made this list because they are still performing. I'll just note a couple that I've seen in concert, even though I didn't include them here: Al Stewart and King Missile (John S. Hall) would have been the next ones in. 
At the same time, it's heartbreaking that health or death blocked any consideration for -- among others -- Don Ellis, Queen (Freddie Mercury), Gisele MacKenzie, John Coltrane, John Fahey, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, The Fall (Mark E. Smith), Rush (Neil Peart), and Ronstadt. 

Mentally sunburned and exhausted, I'll stop here, refreshed nevertheless.

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