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When Inappropriate Conversations #42 was released in January 2011, I named it "The Morning After for Classic Made-For-TV Movies" and that title still works based on the flow of the show. I wanted this TalkBack episode to also note a relatively recent Facebook venture, a public group called Made For TV Program Direction. The idea is to accumulate what will be a long list of citations, nostalgic memories of past television program -- some seemingly forgotten. Feel free to join in if this podcast memory strikes some other memories.


Some Assembly Required (A NeoSurrealist Forsaking a Habit for Lent)


Chapter 7

Mad Scientist

Editorial Board meeting: March 24, 1994

Coming Up Next

How Am I Supposed To Live Without?

"They'll Know We Are Christians"

The Least Of These

"Are we not, in fact, blaming the Godless for their very Godlessness?"


Different Drummer: Art Eddy

When Inappropriate Conversations #150 was first posted in September 2014, the best solution I had for liner notes was simply a list of all the quoted texts, which alone was quite extensive. Now, wrapping up this look-back to that long podcast, I'll use the last of these 6 parts with a link to the original post. It has the full set of scriptures and the name of the Different Drummer, and that segment closes out the episode. 

#IC #150

After spending the holidays sharing TalkBack podcasts related to Christmas, I want to start the new year with a series of TalkBack posts on the longest Inappropriate Conversations podcast released so far. It will take a 3+ hour episode into 6 parts. The original #IC #150 was intentionally long, making the point of quoting scripture at length and in context while trying, as stated right up from, to free Christ from the closet of Christian homophobia. 

Also, in the introduction I try to answer the question: exactly how big is a billion?

Looking back at the 2018 Pride48 Podcast Expo in New Orleans with great memories of how the event went, looking forward to next time. 
Also, an attempt to take recent SCOTUS nominee testimony before the U.S. Senate judiciary committee seriously, and where that ultimately leads.

Different Drummer: Yvette Nicole Brown

The JV Club #25

186: Consent


Topics: Consent, Orlando, Brexit, Segregation, Abortion, Secretly Timid (Pride 48).

Different Drummer: Nan Little Kirkpatrick

Simply Syndicated is the home for many of my favorite podcasts. They have been producing several shows since 2005, and about 4 years ago I made a list of my favorite moments from the first 5 or 6 years. I'm expecting most, if not all, of those original podcasts to be available via Simply Everything in the near future, if they aren't already there.

The Definitive Word - Embarrassing Moments
Crimes Against Food - Christmas

Masters Of None - Worst Xmas Songs of All Time (1)
Movies You Should See - Christmas Movies 2008
Here Goes Nothing - Nintendo Big Band (The Skits)
For Those About To Rock - The Real Thing (Faith No More)
Starbase 66 - 1st Anniversary Show
Starbase 66 - bloopers with Nerd Hurdles
Nerd Hurdles - Complete TOSsers
Weekend Watches #27
Make It So #52
The Definitive Word - Plastic Surgery

Different Drummer: Will Tristram

Simply Everything

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