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It's a sinking feeling to realize your actions would be the same if you were trying to undermine your values, that just doing what you've always done fits a narrative you would reject if given a chance. Sometimes the matter can be as small as "has my show pod-faded without me realizing?". Sometimes it's a matter of life and death where thoughtless actions line up with death, even unintentionally. Slight differences in choices or behavior can change things for the better. Failing to take such action, whether bold or benign, should lead us to a crucial question: how would I have behaved differently if I'd intended to do such harm?

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I have a sense that I have maintained a fairly consistent worldview despite knowing that I've continued to grow and evolve. New information, encountering different people, and challenging assumptions will do that. One way to consider the scale of any shifting perspectives is this TalkBack series. What did I have to say on a topic like this in 2010? And if my position has remained fairly consistent, then what does that say about how American Christianity has shifted from where it was a decade ago, or in 1970?

As they were in December 2013, this episode of Inappropriate Conversations and the previous Walk The Earth post are back-to-back within a few days for a reason. The experiment then was looking at ways women have been walled off from leadership in the church from both a religious perspective (#wte) and this more open-ended #IC approach. I had not yet envisioned the long-form Opening The Scriptures episode, but this is clearly a precursor. It's worth noting that the subsequent 3.5-hour podcast looking at the Bible has been broken into six more manageable parts, available on the feed at Spotify and elsewhere from January 2019.


Finding things to be thankful for will be a challenge for many in 2020. It has been a difficult year. An argument can be made that the trend over several years has been challenging. This TalkBack episode returns to the first May of Inappropriate Conversation, including what I am most thankful for.

Authorial Intent (A Neosurrealist Revising a Will from His Death Bed)


Consider this the background material for the previous Inappropriate Conversations (#IC #231). Things have not improved in the past five years, and an argument can be made that the standards for law enforcement have gotten worse. I say this with as much sadness as anger, although I'm sure the anger cuts through. It's painful enough to bring even a mildly empathetic person to his knees, at a time in American where that gesture is inexplicably controversial.


More than a dozen years ago, it wasn't unusual for Christian leaders to provide political advice to one another that sounded like this: "Don’t equate the biblical kingdom of God with any human political party or nation" (Andrew Jackson). Many were already violating guidelines like this, but the trespasses would only multiply during the Obama administration. Recent years have been even worse. I have yet to hear a sufficient denunciation of this misbehavior from the same Christian leaders who published original guidelines like this one. Truly, it's a "Get behind me, Satan" moment, reflecting not God's concerns at all (Matthew 16:23). Yet, for the most part, the Church remains silent.


Before traveling to Las Vegas a couple years after this TalkBack recording and later making similar trips to New Orleans for Pride48 podcasting expositions, I made a commitment to myself to participate. I called that episode Proud To Know You. From a TalkBack perspective, it's really Proud To Know You 1.


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