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Whether understanding the meaning of words in their time is key to seeking the mind of God?


Christianity 201: Time for Solid Food


Whether progressive emphasis on affirming churches is even sufficient?

Welcoming, Accepting, Affirming - Don't Get Stuck


After several TalkBack episodes from Inappropriate Conversations, this is a Walk The Earth episode that focused on Christmas, with a new intro that I find even more insightful. The words, shared from a different source, are a bit spoilery about Santa. 

Whether gatherings like Thanksgiving are, or should be, a sacrament of shared food and drink?


Whether answering insincere questions has value, in the moment, much later, or ever?

Answers to 40 insincere questions

Whether the film No Country For Old Men (2007) presents a theological perspective? 


Whether Jesus should have washed the feet of Judas?

The Secret of Forgiveness

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