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As a genre, "thriller" is different from horror or other suspense films, but that distinction is in grave danger of being lost forever.  Before the most common forms of scary cinema became slashers or demonic possession, when serial killer movies were crime-dramas rather than gorefests, the thriller was the TV equivalent of the midnight movie.  Now, with Halloween approaching, you are more likely to see Friday The Umpteenth than any of the classics starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, or Vincent Price.  Film fans have lost more than we realize.

Different Drummer: Jakob Rehlinger

Arachnidisc's videos including Moonwood and Babel

Alcohol is a controlled substance -- a "drug" -- and it's the only one that I use. As a rule, I won't drink when I am angry or depressed. I also tend to invest more in the flavor than the feeling. More likely than not, this is another way that I don't quite fit in with most of society. My approach also doesn't work for fundamentalists. C.S. Lewis has rightly said that Christianity is not a teetotaler religion, but too many Christian legalists have found a way of compartmentalizing this fact without bothering to present a counter-argument. It's a dishonesty that I find infuriating ... but I diligently avoid getting angry or depressed.

Different Drummer: John Osbourne

"Pour Me A Vacation" by The Great Divide

Beer selections from Brew Dog in Scotland

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