The notion of "authorial intent" has been used to challenge literary and film criticism for as long as humanity has discussed art.  Is the writer's vision the only point of view that matters?  What if a critic or a number of readers find valid alternative subtexts?  The dividing line may be revealed by separating the role of the author.  From an artistic perspective, he or she is another reader with an equally valid view.  I know that this marginalizes the influence of the creators on interpretations of their work.  On the other hand, the external intent of those same creators must not be ignored or diminished.  So, if you make an incendiary hate film in an attempt to start a global war, everything about your motivations and intentions are subject to scrutiny; meaning, you cannot hide behind any freedom of speech as freedom from scrutiny.

Different Drummer: Maxim Vengerov

Inappropriate Conversations
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