I'm told that April is National Poetry Month and April 21st is Poem In Your Pocket Day, so here is a one-page poem that I first shared on Inappropriate Conversations #23 in August 2010: "Laws Of Motion"

“He is never going to

Change, is he?”

We’ve always done it that way around here.

It is what it

Is: predictable.

What did you expect?

If you examine

All of the

Causes and effects, beforehand,

You could predict the future.

Bet on it;

The odds are with you.

He is never going to change.


“To make any

Headway, you’ve got

To hit the ground

Running.” Charge forward.

Work harder. Work smarter.

Direct the committee

To create a subcommittee.

The task force will recommend

Throwing dollars at the problem,

Or hours. Top priority, as in “now.”

The wrong answer today will always

Win over the right answer

At any other time.


“What goes around, comes around.”

Prepare yourself for

A backlash.

At the moment I say the

Words, I want to swallow them back

In my throat.

Yet, when I’m silent

I can’t hear my thoughts

Over the shouting.


Do we still believe in consequences?

No matter;

They still believe in us.

Inappropriate Conversations
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