Growing up, I became aware of what television could be in the 1970s. It's not that I don't have memories from the decade before. At the dawn of what we call syndication today, though, it is not easy to remember if I initially saw shows like Star Trek and Jonny Quest on first run or only as reruns. It's safe to say that every made-for-TV movie I recall, whether on ABC's Movie Of The Week or elsewhere, was from seeing the original broadcast.

While I appreciate modern streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus, something is missing. It's possible that I'm unique in my nostalgia for pilots that never took off, single-season TV shows that didn't generate enough content for syndication, and small budget and hastily filmed TV movies. (What we praise Roger Corman for achieving in theatrical releases remains under-appreciated for television films.) I'm unapologetic. 

Perhaps the dream of laying on my couch re-watching some of these memories will never happen. I still have an evolving program schedule in my subconscious.


I have shared some of this before on past Inappropriate Conversations podcasts. 
The Morning After for Classic Made-For-TV Movies was released in January 2011.
Somewhat more recently, I covered some of the same ground with a look at a particular year in
Television Debut (1972-73) in August 2016.

I'm also aware of kindred spirits from other podcasts like Made For TV Mayhem and Forgotten TV.

Beginning this Christmas week, I am starting a public Facebook group called
Made for TV Program Direction
with a modest goal of simply establishing an index. 

Hopefully it will evolve over time, beginning with a set of topic categories:
General Nostalgia
Movies of the Week
Special Presentations
TV Series

As an open public group, my hope is that it will evolve. Maybe I'm not alone.
As often as someone may see something that they remember and would love to revisit, others may share things the rest of us have missed completely.

Television, even in my lifetime, has produced content that was probably expected to simply come and go. The internet and other developments have made it more possible than ever to revisit and remember. Even if this is only a place for my notes, once or twice a week, I'm going to do just that: revisit and remember.


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