Some discussions online and among friends have included questions of whether Contemporary Christian music is actually either good music or good Christianity. I have been both a critic and an apologist for CTC music, going all the way back to when I managed the allocation and replenishment of those artists in the 1990s. I see it both ways, I suppose.

One artist that answers both questions with an emphatic Yes is Chris Rice. I have backed that opinion by purchasing every one of his albums and seeing him in concert twice. Given the opportunity, I'd see a show again tonight.

Here are just a few examples, if you were looking for the adult contemporary singer-songwriter format of music with solid theology and a truly personal storytelling style:

"Love Like Crazy" from Amusing (2005)

"Thirsty" from Past The Edges (1998)

"Go Light Your World" from Short Term Memories (2004)

"Me and Becky" from Run The Earth, Watch The Sky (2003)

"The Face Of Christ" from Smell The Color 9 (2000)

"Smile" from Run The Earth, Watch The Sky (2003)

"The Final Move" from Amusing (2005)

I'll have more to say about Chris Rice in an upcoming Different Drummer segment, no doubt.

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