IC-Fest Concept


Indulge me, if you will. I had a fun idea a week or so ago, and it has been a welcome distraction. 

I've never been to a music festival -- not Alive on the Contemporary Christian side of the spectrum or anything like Rocklahoma when I lived in Oklahoma. A couple of months ago, though, Nessa P. made me think of this on a short "not-an-episode" of her Hello Nessa! podcast. After I checked out the band Rainbow Kitten Surprise, it occurred to me that I've named at least one festival's worth of musician/songwriters as Different Drummers in the past decade.

Right now, the count would be 65 if I combined the categories for bands, artists, and songwriters as Music, which I have done on the Category tags. Some of these performers and composers are gone or retired. Others wouldn't make sense in the context of an "Inappropriate Conversations" music festival. But I had no problem coming up with 25 artists and groups, along with very little trouble putting them into a sequence.

Again, making lists can be a relaxing indulgence. So, for a few posts in a row, I'll share my thoughts on an #ICfest of sorts, including proposed set lists reflecting the songs I love most. This will include a focus on inspirations behind their Different Drummer segments. My plan is to post the song titles, as if by day, along with a Spotify playlist that puts these songs in sequence (with only a couple of limitations due to Spotify gaps).

Of course, there is a reason I don't do music festivals. Camping is not really my thing, even less for my wife. Weather is an issue, with a bright, sunny day being no help. I once got a sunburn walking across the street in El Paso, Texas. In addition, I'm sure this concept reflects a combination that's too odd for an audience much bigger than 1.

For now, though, the list!

Neil Young
Garth Brooks
Elvis Costello
The Roots
Tom Waits

Indigo Girls
Violent Femmes
Maria McKee
Todd Snider
Sophie B. Hawkins

Along With:
Reba McEntire
T Bone Burnett
Dana Gillespie
Holly Cole
Chris Rice

Special Appearances By:
Dolly Parton
Nanci Griffith
Brian Eno
Phil Manzanera

Laurie Anderson
Michael Franks
Imani Coppola
Victoria Williams
Larry Kirwan (Black 47)


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