On the day I'm posting this, I am also wrapping up the ninth year of Inappropriate Conversations. The tenth year of this podcast and website is about to begin. Reflecting on that, it occurred to me that some of these shows were either planned as doubles or ended up being a multiple of some sort. This retrospective will look at those occasions, typically in back-to-back postings. Most are #IC podcasts, but Walk The Earth plays a role, too. More than a handful of #wte shows are covered in this list.

Politics introduction:
Radical Moderates and the Political Spectrum

Boiling Point fable about politics and science


Religion introduction:
"Chapter and Verse"

Permanent Things I Believe


Art introduction:
Art and the Strange Bedfellows

"Laws of Motion"


Prayer in school:
My Prayer for a Football Game

Establishment of Religion


Men and Women:
Sacred Friendship

Macho Weaknesses


10 Areas of Agreement about Abortion:
Part 1

Part 2


Environment and Consumption:
Disposability (We've become a Bunch of Tossers)

The Erosion of the TV Landscape


Growing up and raising kids:
Child's Play and Imagination

Making the World Safe for Kids


Inter-sexual Friendship:

A Farewell Address from the Mexican Mountains

Moments of Epiphany

Revelation Weekend


What It Means to Worship

The Heart of the Matter


Maturing and maturity:
The Perspective of Growing Up

Communicating with Kids in an Adult Way


The Violence of Denial

Eulogy for Homophobia


Safeguarding Marriage

Saying No to Myself


The existence of God:
Originating Ideas

Where Would I Be Without God?


Gender and the church:
Walk The Earth 6

Gender Segregation


Church retreats:
Spiritual Stunting and Divine Development

Gathering 'round the Campfire


Racial (in)justice:
Walk The Earth 22

Letting Justice Roll


Walk The Earth 29

Walk The Earth 30


Halloween sound collage:
Halloween Treats

Halloween Tricks

Halloween Sabbath


In the shoes of Islam:
Walk The Earth 37

Walk The Earth 38

Walk The Earth 39

Walk The Earth 40


Times that call for the sound of music:
The Sound of Protest

The Sound of Resistance

The Sound of Opposition

The Sound of Disorder

The Sound of Dissent

The Sound of Sustainability


That is 50 podcasts with inter-connections among the 267 released so far in the history of Inappropriate Conversations and Walk The Earth. And maybe, just maybe, more could have been cited.
Thanks for listening!


Inappropriate Conversations
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