Walk The Earth

Walk The Earth is a spinoff podcast from Inappropriate Conversations, addressing how we "do church" as Christians.

Episodes will be posted on the main page at http://www.inappropriateconversations.org/ and denoted with the acronym WTE.

The first episode's topic will be: Whether membership at a local church is as eternal as being part of the body of Christ? The episode will be called, simply, "wte1" for #1.

My family is changing churches. We may be changing denominations, too. This does not reflect some shift in our religious experience. No, it reflects a change from "the church" that we are trying to manage and stay faithful as Christ Followers. Walk The Earth is an attempt to chronicle this transition.

This is the "about" page for Walk The Earth. Please look for episodes, which are posted by date on the main page along with Inappropriate Conversations episodes and blog posts. Thanks for listening!

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